»Sei anders – sei Du selbst!«

Inspirationen für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben

Dear friends,

I am glad to announce my next performance speech at the prestigious URANIA Berlin.

My theme for the evening will be »Sei anders – sei Du selbst!« and the language will be in German.

It will be more than pleasure to seeing you there. Come, make your own thoughts and enjoy.


An der Urania 17
Raum Voltaire
10787 Berlin

Freitag, 09. Oktober 2020
17.30 Uhr

Bitte beachten Sie die Hygienemaßnahmen

Inspirations for a self-determined life
Angela Elis in conversation with Jolly Kunjappu for the YouTube channel “Wertvoll”. Let yourself be inspired!

Inspirationen für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben
Angela Elis im Gespräch mit Jolly Kunjappu für den YouTube-Kanal “Wertvoll”. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren!

–> Zum Interview

If you are looking for inspiration to make positive changes which will enhance your life, this is the book to read.

»Sei anders, sei du selbst«

Jolly Kunjappu "Sei anders, sei du selbst"It is written in German language and the English version »Be different, be yourself« will follow suit.

Tune yourself to lead a self-determined and fulfilled life. It’s worth it. Enjoy reading.

This book is available in all bookshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and online.

Publishing company is Scorpio Verlag Munich Germany. The ISBN number is 978-3-95803-307-8.

Jolly Kunjappu is happy to announce that his book titled ASK AN ANSWER is out now.

It can be ordered in book stores or you can contact the author directly.

Book Ask an Answer 1Book Ask an Answer 2