I am a passionate and fair sportsman,
not a nationalist.

Jolly Kunjappu
Berlin, Germany, August 2012

I haven’t lost much time or thoughts
reflecting on art.
I have simply created art.

Jolly Kunjappu
Berlin, Germany, June 2011

I was not born to suffer.

Jolly Kunjappu
Berlin, Germany, 1985

A moment is eternity.
A moment is completeness.
And that moment is now and forever.

Jolly Kunjappu
Munich, Germany, March 2011

Don’t be a slave of a system
Be a master of your own life

Jolly Kunjappu
Munich, Germany, May 1990

is like a wild and deep sea
It’s more than just to be
or not be
Learning to see beyond
how we were taught
and it’s all meant to be

Jolly Kunjappu
Berlin, 12 Fberuary 2011

Being is freedom.

Jolly Kunjappu
Zurich, Switzerland, 17 December 2010

The world is what you think.
Since every individual thinks different,
there are many worlds.

Jolly Kunjappu
Munich, Germany, 20 July 2010

We are constantly a part of material and thought recyclers.

Jolly Kunjappu
Munich, Germany, 20 July 2010

Nothing in this world
comes nor goes.
It only changes substance.

Jolly Kunjappu
Munich, Germany, 16 September 2008