Jolly Kunjappu is hard to describe; you simply must experience him. He calls himself a guy without a profession but with many passions. In short, he is a full-blooded performance artist.

Born in Madras, India, he came to Germany in 1970 and is now a German citizen.

He studied management and marketing and operated until the end of 2019 an Indian Restaurant in Munich. He has composed ballet music for the Bavarian State Opera and other prestigious opera houses, played as a guest musician for the Rolling Stones and excels as a painter. Among other things, he created a mural at the East Side Gallery in Berlin.

But that isn’t all. Kunjappu has spent time in over a hundred countries, immersing himself in different cultures and studying the changes which are affecting societies worldwide.

As a performance artist, business coach and keynote speaker, he has inspired the management and employees of BMW, Geberit, BASF, Swisscom, PWC etc. with topics such as

»Don’t Wait for Change, Be the Change You Want«

»Through Knowledge, Courage, Respect and Zest for Life, Reach for Success«

»Don’t be a Slave of the System, be the Master of Your Life«

In his unique performance, the internationally acclaimed speaker Jolly Kunjappu combines reason, emotion and empathy and thereby inspires and motivates his international audiences again and again.

Be inspired by this charismatic philosopher of life!