The keynote is the essential point in a main message presented in a short period of time by a single person to a small or large crowd.

How can one person fulfill this challenge?

Jolly’s success as a Keynote Speaker is based on his experience of life. The way he courageously took steps in his life is an example of how to create and define one’s life which others can learn from.


A few reasons why companies engage Jolly

  • Evaluating of global development
  • Living the changes as challenges
  • Open for knowledge
  • Not bound to any dogma
  • Own life experiences
  • Ability to emotionalise a subject
  • Inspiration guaranteed


A few suggestions why Jolly reaches people of all cultures, irrespective of gender and age

  • Appreciating of every human being, not playing favorites
  • Independent-minded attitude
  • Ability to infect his public with his joy, enthusiasm and humour
  • Ability to evoke emotions to a subject


A few thoughts on why Jolly’s keynote method is unique

  • Lively and interactive performance – no power point needed, no text reading;
  • combines his speeches with life philosophy, live music, sketches and humour,
  • authentic and passionate power-performance and
  • sustainable effect on public – not just show and go.


A few of Jolly’s adventures which have enhanced his philosophy

  • Crossing the Sahara and Tenere deserts
  • Jungle experiences
  • Sharing time with nomads
  • Observing wild animals in East- and South Africa
  • Travelling to way over 100 countries



  • English
  • German