»The most important and challenging personal experiences of my life are the foundation for my various topics, which can be selected according to your needs and wishes.

The themes revolve around concepts such as personal and corporate success, courage and self-realisation, personality-development, discovery, power of mindset, curiosity and openess, from knowledge to wisdom, problems as challenges and from problems to solutions, mindset to success, from theory tp practice, lead and accompany, individual responsibility, respect and honour, dealing with dignity, profit without greed, global ecological and economical challenges, cross-cultural and interreligious challenges, tuning for success, purpose of deeds, social responsibility, awareness, roots and wings, identify barriers and remove, freedom and justice …«


Favorite Topics

Breaking Boundaries
With Knowledge, Courage, Joy of Life and Respect towards Success

Don’t Wait for Changes, Be the Change”

Don’t be a Slave of a System, be a Master of your own Life

Identify problems, turn problems into opportunities, opportunities into challenges and challenges into solutions

Winners Attitude

Five I`s to success:
Inspire – Involve – Invent – Implement – Improve

IQ – EQ – SQ
Intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, social quotient

Breaking tabus respectfully

From Fear to Respect