To create your future wisely, joyfully and successfully:
Look back, learn from the past and then —

Turn around,

Even though it can be painful and hard.
Don’t carry the burden of the past;
Nor bury yourself in it.

Admit your faults, don’t repeat them but cleanse them.
Seek no revenge.

Do not feel ashamed or guilty.

Never be a victim of the past [...]

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Let’s not waste life’s precious resources and its valuable time
Fighting about the past.

Let’s live a better today
With wisdom and joy
And embrace the future.

Jolly Kunjappu
Havana, Cuba, 2001

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A few lines on your face
Looks getting deep and broader
Smiles telling stories
Hidden behind mystique and phrases
Longing to touch you
Can’t afford to get burned
Heart beats anti clockwise
Running against time
History keeps laughing
Of a future untold

Jolly Kunjappu
Madras, India 1991

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