When your life seems empty
Break your walls
Wander with your spirits
Dance around the universe
Embrace the sun
Make love to your stars
Caress your body
And put your mind into a deep sleep
It’s magic

Jolly Kunjappu
Munich, Germany, 1987

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As I’m singing you this song
For you tonight, please remember
There are children who are dying
Of hunger and thirst

Children dying, mothers crying
Children dying, fathers crying
They are dying and crying alone

I hear a cry in the city
And the cry is getting wild
Can someone listen to their call
There are children all over
They are screaming in the dark
Won’t someone [...]

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Mission Earth is ready
Everything is cleared.

Bringing you a message from the stars
We are living far beyond the planet Mars
People of the earth, we know that you are in trouble
We have come to take you away

Watch out they are coming
Watch out keep on running
They are taking us up to the stars
They are taking us up to [...]

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In the heat of the night
She came in from the dark
You know what she said, she said
Make love to me in the milky way,
Make love
Like love in space age
And take me to paradise, paradise, paradise.

Floating through the galaxies
Touching the stars
Witnessed by the angels,
The suns and the moons
And bound to the rhythm of
An endless time
We’ll make [...]

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